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The Odyssey: June Update

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

This month really lived up to these posts' name.

Pictured: Average search for affordable housing in the United States, 2021

We won't be posting checklists this month, simply because they haven't changed much, and that's due to John & Anne being on our own Odyssey for a few weeks. It's an age-old tale: developers try to move to a new home, the new home's owner destroys half of it by accident, developers live in a truck in 100-degree heat for a while to get it fixed, things generally explode. But, as all age-old tales do, it has a happy or at least currently comfortable ending: we made it and we're back in business!

In the meantime, while we haven't been able to run as many playtests or get to as many edits as we'd like, the other playtesting teams have been out there showing off. The first Canadian team has been on an adventure seeking out dangerous foes, annoying the politics of shapeshifters, and accidentally getting airlifted to foreign countries to help their illustraious patrons. The second Canadian team has been trapped in an amusement park with suspiciously mythological features and is out to find out who - or what - keeps inflicting illusions on hapless park-goers while they dodge the dangers of rides and attractions gone wild. And the Indian team is gearing up for Vedic adventures to begin shortly in July.

That one guy DID say "don't go through the Bermuda Triangle", but IDK, it's probably fine

And, of course, our two US teams have managed to not only stay alive but sail to Atlantis (or at least, try to sail to Atlantis) as well as visiting Tir na nOg and getting stuck, inexplicably, somewhere that strongly resembles the World of Warcraft. No one is quite sure what's going on, but it wouldn't be a journey if they all knew the destination ahead of time.

Now that we're finally settled in our new place with the luxuries we've come to expect (such as "a roof" and "running water"), we're ready to get back to edits and to parsing through some of our observations from the playtests, so stay tuned for a more substantive update in July. Until then!

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