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What is Hero's Journey?

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Systems Editor


Hero's Journey is a pen-and-paper roleplaying game about modern-day mythological heroes.

The first Heroes were those of ancient mythologies and sacred tales: epic tales of gods and monsters, of cosmic warriors and universal horrors that clashed in mighty conflict and shaped the world with their struggles. All over the world, the story of the Hero who goes forth to become a legend has been told and retold for millennia; they are magicians who bend the fabric of reality, fighters who overcome impossible enemies, leaders who build nations and communities, and oracles who speak with the voices of destiny itself.

In Hero's Journey, you play as one of these Heroes, undertaking dangerous quests, untangling fathomless riddles, and embarking on travels that take you to the edge of the universe and back again. Your adventures take place in a world much like the one you already know - except that ancient religions never truly die, and the gods (and other less savory creatures) still walk the world of humanity. As a Hero chosen by a mighty god, you wield their cosmic powers to change the course of history and decide your own fate.

Hero's Journey is about the universal story of the Hero, different in every culture and mythology but still recognizable. Your Hero invests in Aspects of their heroism, choosing whether to become a genius Creator, hardy Hunter, powerful Leader, irresistible Lover, wise Sage, wily Trickster, or dangerous Warrior as they go about their adventures. Aspects are complemented by Talents, which allow Heroes to specialize in the kind of heroic powers they care about most, and Domains, primordial powers over the powers of the universe that allow Heroes to reach for divinity themselves. Enormously customizable, every Hero can choose to reach for any power they wish.


The world of Hero's Journey is one much like our own, but the ancient polytheistic religions of the world's many cultures are still thriving and dominantly popular around the globe. Lofty temples to deities, beautiful religious statues of former heroes, and sacred pilgrimages to ancient sites are commonplace in all countries and for many different faiths, and in major cities, shrines to ancient gods of wildly different cultures rub elbows and share their practices.

Heroes are chosen by the gods of these religions to be their representatives on earth, sent on mythic missions and quests on their behalf or set improbable tasks to prove their worth and bring glory to their people. If they do their job well, they become the stuff of legend, steadily gaining in power and becoming more and more famous around the world; and if they become great enough forces, they may eventually ascend to become gods themselves, remaking the world in their own image.


Every culture who has ever told stories has its Heroes, and the time has come for another cycle of legendary tales to begin. It is time for a new Age of Heroes!

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