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A Community Love Letter (and Tentative Release Order)

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

Submitted: Hey! I am a really long time fan. I loved everything all of you were doing back when I was in high school, and Anne really inspired me to go into the academic study of myths. Nowadays I am actually doing my PhD in Irish sagas and exactly what the 'hero' is in that context. I know you only just started playtesting the base game, but if I (or other people in your audience) have 'grown up' into fully fledged actual scholars of myth and legend, how would the best way for us to contact you to offer our help if you are ever interested in including some of the cultures we study in Hero's Journey? (And, thanks again for being an inspiration to me growing up, Anne.)

A black-and-white illustration of a woman in a nightgown opening a door hastily and a man lying on the ground just outside, just awoken and confused.

Me waking John up at 3 a.m. to read this message that I was weeping about

This is one of the best messages ever. I am emotionally compromised. I'm so glad you found something that inspired you in our work, and that you're going on to do such amazing things and study something you're passionate about! That's amazing!

I can tell you two things: the first is that yes, we will definitely be doing work with Irish mythology and deities in the future! They're actually on the Not Secret Anymore Tentative Release Schedule we spoiled on Twitter, which it now occurs to me I should repost here so people can find it. So here's that:

A checklist entitled Future Projects Outline with artwork of the Egyptian god Wasir on it, listing pantheons and spheres to be released in the future.

The Lord of Fertility would like you to remember that these are working titles only

As we've said before, the base game is for Heroes who are still Mortal; think of characters like Beowulf, Imhotep, Odysseus, or Robin Hood, human beings who nevertheless do great things because, well, that's what Heroes do. The future releases will let them become Immortals and even eventually Divine, and they'll come with more deities and the rest of the still-mysterious Spheres. We also anticipate that we'll do a lot of community/backer voting about in exactly what order those things above happen, so stay tuned.

The second is that you can always contact us the way you just did through the contact form, but you can also directly email us at! John and I both monitor that mailbox, and we love talking about future projects and cool things you might be working on. Obviously, we can't make any solid projections about the future beyond the outline above, but that'll change eventually.

In the meantime, let us both say thank you to all of you, from the bottom of our hearts. The encouragement, passion, enthusiasm, and creativity of the RPG community in general and the little HJ community here have been an indescribable motivator and support to us. Every time you send in a question, talk in the comments, wave at us on Twitter, or come make fun of the playtesters' hijinks, we feel the happiness of being part of something bigger than ourselves.

I'm so glad we did something that inspired you, friends. You inspire us all the damn time.

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